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Webbing is our world Since 1848, the founding year of E. Oppermann Mechanische Gurt- und Bandweberei GmbH Einbeck, we have devoted ourselves entirely to the subject of webbing. Since that time, we…  
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3. Special Applications  
Edge Protection For some time now, we have also been offering our own edge protection rails and awnings. Our edge protection rails are made of high quality, black coloured regranulate. So we…  
4. Medical Technology  
Patient Handling Moving patients in rescue and hospital care is one of the special areas in which our products are used. Whether it is to secure patients on stretchers, sliding mats or equipment for…  
5. Quality  
Certification Our production sites in Germany, China, UK and USA are ISO 9001:2015 certified. The production sites in Germany and China are also ISO / TS 16949 certified. Certified environmental…  
6. About us  
We are international We realised at an early stage that global thinking is necessary in our industry and this is now a great advantage, particularly for our customers. This strategy has been…  
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Address E. Oppermann GmbH Hullerser Landstraße 12 D-37574 Einbeck Tel.: +49 (0) 55 61 / 93 04-0 info@oppermann-group.com  
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Thank you Thank you for your inquiry, we will contact you shortly.  
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alto.de New Media GmbH www.alto.de Photo Credit Holger Kriegerbarthold Bildbearbeitung/Lithographie www.kriegerb.de own archive ©Depositphotos.com /pumba1 /mikdam /zurijeta /Smileus…  
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As the globalisation of markets is rapidly expanding and the importance of the Asia-Pacific region continues to grow, we established the first of our three subsidiaries in the People's Republic of…  
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