Company History

In 1848 Eduard Oppermann founded E. Oppermann Mech. Gurt- und Bandweberei GmbH. By the early use of a steam engine in the year 1870, the company developed quickly from small trade to industrial operation. Today, we produce high quality webbings and tapes for almost every conceivable technical application - for securing, protecting, lifting, holding, lashing, just to name a few fields of application.

Since then, now in the 5th generation, we have been producing the most diverse types of webbing which over the course of time have facilitated, enriched or secured the lives of the people in various fields of application.

The parent company has been based in Einbeck since its founding year. By working in partnership with our customers, coupled with regular expansion of production capacities as well as a constant pursuit of efficiency, the company has developed into one of the leading webbing manufacturers.

As the globalisation of markets is rapidly expanding and the importance of the Asia-Pacific region continues to grow, we established the first of our three subsidiaries in the People's Republic of China in 2002, which plays an important role in this competitive market.

Another subsidiary started production in the USA in 2004 and has developed into an established company within the industry.

In 2006, Oppermann Automotive Webbing GmbH was founded at the headquarters of the parent company. This company deals exclusively with the production of high quality safety belts, which means that the entire Company's product range has achieved a significantly greater variety. This brought with it many new challenges, which we gladly and successfully embraced.

Also in 2006, a subsidiary was established in Slovakia as well as the second production location in China. Since then, both companies have dedicated themselves to the production and distribution of industrial webbing in the cargo lashing and lifting slings range and have strengthened our strategy of establishing ourselves internationally.

In 2014, the specialty narrow fabrics manufacturer Rykneld Tean Limited, which was founded in 1747, was added to the Oppermann Group and is now our pillar in the United Kingdom. This valuable part of our group is particularly distinguished by its expertise in the field of technical webbings.

In the autumn of 2014, we founded the Oppermann Webbing Shanghai, which specialises in automotive webbings, which today supplies various OEMs all over the world with safety belts.

In 2016, the industrial webbing manufacturer SpaWeb near Manchester, which was founded in 1963, was taken over, which strengthens our presence in England and protects us and our customers from the effects of Brexit.

In August 2017 the North American market leader in our field, Southern Weaving Inc. In Greenville, SC was taken over. The company was founded as early as 1924 and worked with Ford and the American military from the early days. With this latest acquisition, we have considerably strengthened our position in the US and expanded our portfolio with further technically demanding product groups.

From the strategic decision to the first meter of webbing in less than one year. With the support of colleagues from all over the world, the Oppermann Group's latest project was implemented in 2019. The Oppermann Vietnam Ltd. was opened during an official opening ceremony in January 2020. The 4th Asian location represents an important key component in the strategic corporate development.

Through these locations, we are able to meet the ever increasing demands of our international clientele. We consider the daily new challenges as an incentive to further optimise our products and services in order to regularly substantiate our good reputation in the market. Through our comprehensive global network of subsidiaries, we are able to serve almost every market by ourselves.

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