Sport & Leisure

Leisure markets such as rock climbing, boating and many more are supplied by us with webbing and tapes. For example, each bicycle or motorcycle helmet requires small straps to be fastened at the chin. Every market in this sector has its own requirements, and this calls for our know-how. For example, straps for mountaineering equipment must be particularly resistant to sharp edges, but should also be lightweight. Here we use, among other things, high-performance yarns to achieve maximum performance.

Dog Leads

Even if it does not appear so at first sight, dog leads must be able to withstand a great strain. They are dragged over asphalt, gravel and other surfaces, are exposed to weather influences and are exposed to teeth with or without the permission of the pet’s owner. At the same time, our customers expect as light and as thin a lead as possible, which should also look visually appealing. It speaks for our extensive expertise that we can meet these requirements.

Climbing harnesses

In the sports and recreation market, comfort is paramount. Therefore, our fabrics stand out when they are not noticed. They fulfil the desired requirements and can be produced in various different colours and designs.

Tennis Tape

This designer tape is made for clay tennis court lines and it is manufactured with a unique raised pattern specifically designed to allow consistent ball spin and speed at any angle the ball strikes the tape.  The white spun polyester webbing is coated with PVC and it offers easy cleaning, long life and it will not yellow with age.

Other products

The sport and leisure market has become increasingly important in recent years. As diverse as the personal needs are, the range of requested webbing is as varied. We would like to mention some of these.

PVC-coated tennis court edge binding, slackline and webbing for the shoe industry, for paragliders, tent construction, for theatre and concert stages, for horticulture, as well as for bicycle, mountaineering and motorcycle helmets.

Falk Oppermann

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