Personal protective equipment

Webbings for the production of protective equipment for construction workers, mountaineers and many more are a welcome task for our specialists. We regularly bring new products for the "protective equipment" segment to this very innovative market. Of course, in addition to standard requirements, our customers’ individual requirements regarding design, quality and technical functionality apply to this area as well. Our goal here is once again the best possible degree of protection and safety for the user. All over the world.

Fall Protection

Particularly in construction, craftsmen and construction workers often have to work at height. The safety of the person is of enormous importance because, despite the greatest caution, an accident can never be completely ruled out. The shock absorbing straps produced by us significantly reduce the peak forces acting on the body and help to avoid the most severe spinal injuries. In collaboration with our customers, we can react flexibly to specific industry requirements. Our belts make working under dangerous conditions much safer.

Safety Harness

In both climbing and building construction, reliable safety of the individual is essential. We manufacture the webbing required for the production of safety harnesses in various customer specific designs. As with all other products, the process-oriented fulfillment of the technical requirements is guaranteed by state of the art production facilities and quality assurance measures.

PPE Personal Protective Equipment

The technical Uk based division of Oppermann, RTL Ltd, is constantly, developing new products for the PPE market, which demands the best level of protection in its relentless quest to pushing the boundaries when it comes to personal safety.

The Oppermann group’s focus is to aid and assist customers in finding the right product to fulfil their technical requirements. To that end, we have access to a multitude of high performance fibres such as: Protal ®, para aramid, meta aramid, HMPE, Dyneema®, Vectran®.

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Other products

The product diversity in the field of personal protective equipment is vast. We would like to highlight the following areas of application for which we produce tailored belt straps: Fire brigade coupling belt, high-tenacity slinging gear for safety harnesses (lanyard), elastic safety harness products, chin straps for helmets (fire brigade, motorcycle, sports), harnesses for respiratory masks.

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