Heavy goods or materials are used and moved in industry, construction and many other areas. Important properties of textile lifting devices are enormous tear strength and resistance to wear, but also a particularly soft surface of the fabric for the protection of the object to be lifted. Criteria which speaks volumes for our woven straps. We can look back on a long history of lifting sling production and can rely on a well-founded knowledge about the development and production of technical webbing.

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Round sling sleeves

Our wear-resistant round sling sleeves are processed by our customers into round slings, which are used in industrial applications as slinging means. Of course, our round sling sleeves fulfil all the technical requirements in order to safely lift heavy loads in conjunction with the load bearing yarn inserts.

If you are interested in acid- or alkali-resistant round sling sleeves, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will adapt to your ideas.

Lifting slings

Our lifting slings are capable of handling even the heaviest loads and are processed by our customers worldwide to be used under the toughest conditions. Very heavy loads are the "daily business" for our sling webbing. With innovative ideas and first grade materials, we produce the right straps for all requirements. New developments in the fibre sector make it possible for us to design increasingly stronger slings. With the help of state of the art, environmentally friendly dyeing technology, individual customer requirements can be realised without any problems.

One way lifting sling

For a wide variety of applications, e.g. prefabricated houses, we offer webbing for the production of one way lifting slings in various designs. These slings offer a high degree of quality, even in this price competitive market segment. The specification for the one way lifting sling is defined by statutory requirements and standards, which of course are fulfilled by our slings without compromise.

Other products

In addition to the articles already mentioned, there are numerous other products in the Oppermann Group portfolio. Examples which may be mentioned here are the abrasion-resistant hoses for the protection of textile abutment methods.

In a particularly harsh working environment, even sturdy lifting methods are exposed to damage. In response to the demand of our customers, we have developed a series of protective hoses which successfully protect the actual lifting equipment and thus guarantee the function of the lifting device.

Markus Felser

»Breaking loads of up to 50 tonnes; available as standard.

Markus Felser
Sales Director Europe

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