Aeronautics is a method of transport, which provides its own unique features and challenges to all the technical components involved. Our customers attach great importance to different aspects. Whether it is passengers travelling, or goods transported by plane, it brings the user in touch with our webbing. While passenger comfort and safety are particularly important in the passenger aircraft, securing and protection against uncontrolled movement is particularly important in airfreight, combined with lightweight load securing methods.

Aeroplane Passenger Seatbelts

As a passenger in any aircraft, you are required to fasten your seatbelt. Even if an aeroplane does not behave like a car, the seatbelts on a flight are very important. Air pockets or other turbulence can lead to preventable injuries if the seatbelts are not fastened. With a special focus on comfort and individually tailored to the needs of our customers, we manufacture essential seatbelt straps while adhering to the different international requirements.

Load Securing

The required characteristics for load securing belts differ from seatbelts protecting airoplane passengers. Tensile strength, precisely specified elongation behaviour and other technical abilities must be emphasized here in order to withstand the robust load. Whether it is cargo securing belts or cargo safety nets for aviation, our webbing is here!

Parachute webbing

Whether in natural catastrophes or in military use, our parachute straps are used in a wide range of applications for safe transport of people and loads after being dropped from the aircraft. The webbing used for this purpose must meet a wide range of very specific technical requirements in order to ensure a safe descent and landing. The fluctuating loads occurring during the discharge and the different weights of the goods are taken into account.

One of the UK divisions of the Oppermann group, RTL ltd, has been involved in this sector for many decades.  Our shuttle and needle loom weaving capabilities, enable us to produce high quality narrow fabrics to most industry standards such as: 

  • BSF
  • MBFD
  • IAC/S
  • PIA
  • MIL
  • BASE

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Karin Strahlfeld

»Your travel companion in the air: Seat belt webbing from the Oppermann Group.

Karin Strahlfeld
Sales Manager Oppermann Automotive

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