Load Securing

The demands on our lashing webbing seem contradictory at first glance. On the one hand, the product to be transported must be extremely tightly fastened, on the other hand the surface of many items is delicate, e.g. against scratches as well as dents and can therefore be difficult to secure. Exactly these requirements make our belts superior to other lashing options, such as chains. The soft surface of our straps, combined with the required breaking loads, meet our customers’ needs.

Lashing webbing

One of the most popular products in our range is the lashing strap. In both the industrial and private sectors, lashing straps are often used with hooks and tensioning elements to secure goods of all kinds or even vehicles for transport. Extremely heavy weights of the goods to be secured are not a rarity. All the requirements within the scope of the standards for this purpose are met by our extensive range of lashing straps. In this context, we would like to emphasise that our lashing webbing has a stretching behaviour beyond the standard requirements due to specially developed dyeing machines, which minimises the risk of unintentional loosening of the lashing strap from the load.

Our lashing system is available in a wide range of standard colours. Of course, we also manufacture custom colours for the customer. Minimum order quantities are however required for this service. An individual imprint with / without logo is also possible and completes the program.


This product group has in recent years developed into another core area of our production. A "tailor made" selection for market requirements is available and covers all areas of container interior lashing.

Our products are used all over the world. In cooperation with some of our customers these products have been certified by Germanischer Lloyd "GL" thus they also meet the highest demands of maritime load securing.

Pallet Lashing (Safe-Lash)

Our customers use this product as an alternative for steel straps, hotmelt or corded straps to secure individual cartons, stacking boxes etc. on pallets. The Safe-Lash webbing is also used in the area of bale production for recycled paper.

Ease of handling, comparatively high strengths as well as a favourable price are the advantages of these webbings, which we offer in a wide range of widths and strengths.

Other products

In addition, a wide range of products are available for a wide range of load securing applications. Contact us and we will provide the right product for you.

Michaela Skalicka

»The 50mm 7500 daN - lashing strap, with 25 million meters sold worldwide, a classic in our range

Michaela Skalicka
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