We manufacture a variety of safety belts for various automotive manufacturers. Of course, our belts meet all relevant international standards. These are linked with extensive test procedures that our products are regularly run through. As a rule, our automotive webbings are based on specifications that have been developed exclusively for the respective customer and can therefore not be published. If you have a specific interest in car safety belts, we are ready to develop webbing for you. The automotive sector puts high demands on its suppliers with reference to quality and design. We are proud to be a successful automotive supplier since the development of our car safety belts.

Car Safety Belts

Although mostly inconspicuous and nondescript, car safety belts conceal a multitude of engineering skills. It is the most important element for securing vehicle occupants. If you have never taken much notice of your car safety belt, one of our goals has already been achieved. In close cooperation with our customers, we focus all our know-how on the continual improvement of the car safety belt with regards to functionality, design, competitiveness and comfort.

Child Safety Belts

The same high demands placed on a car safety belt must also be met for our child safety belts - and much more. When it comes to the safety of children, nothing is too much trouble. The special requirements are achieved by us with the greatest care and tested time and again. From carefully planned production to quality control and quality assurance, our child safety belts are adapted to the special requirements and standards.

Airbag Tether

Our belt straps are used to ensure the type-dependent shaping of the activated airbag in case of a crash. Very specific technical requirements need to be adhered to, without which the functioning of the airbag cannot be assured. This is why our products contribute to safety in the car even where it is not obvious.

Pär Fasterling

»With state of the art dyeing systems, we meet the global requirements of the automotive industry.

Pär Fasterling
Commercial Manager Oppermann Group

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