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Company Mission

In a world where mobility of people and the transport of products are of major importance, a very high level of safety has become the expected standard.

This has forced the use of high tenacity webbings in mobility-related applications, be it as Personnel Safety systems in cars, Cargo Tiedowns for trucks or Lifing Systems in construction, to name just a few applications.

In order to develop and produce these webbings for the various applications, profound know-how is essential, taking into account the major impact that specific raw materials, weaving construction and production technology will have on the performance and the quality of the final product.

In 1848, Eduard Oppermann incorporated a web weaving company, E. Oppermann Mech. Gurt- und Bandweberei, in Einbeck, Germany. With the advent of steam power in 1870, the company changed from a small manufacturing company into mechanized production. Today, Oppermann produces top quality webbing for every imaginable application.

Thus for more than 159 years, the production of webbing with a constant high level of quality has been the goal of our company and it’s employees.
Oppermann’s success has largely been due to adherence to high quality standards, reliability of supply and it’s competitiveness in the market place.

Company Objectives

Customer Satisfaction

Once we determine the goals, objectives and the quality requirements of our customers, these objectives are then formulated as action objectives for the entire organization. These Objectives are achieved through motivation, initiative, creativity and competence.

Employee Participation

Our company consists of competent, motivated and goal-oriented employees, who act in the best interest of both our company and our customers.

Continuing Improvements

Oppermann strives to continually improve the products and customer service in order to have the highest possible level of quality and reliability of supply, in orde to insure customer satisfaction and thus the future of the company.

Quality objectives

Our customers define the quality of our products. This means that we have to understand their needs and act accordingly. In order to achieve this, we define quality targets which then become mandatory for  the whole organization.

Periodic Review

By using target guidelines as customer satisfaction, complaint statistics and delivery performance data, Oppermann measures the results achieved Vs . the performance goals, and defines corrective action when required.

Yearly, the company’s objectives and quality management systems are reviewed, and updated if necessary.

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